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Weigh in updates

24th and 25th June 2021

43 people

Total group weight = 4730.3 kgs

26th and 27th July 2021

Total group loss 57KGs

Total waist measurement lost 105.9 cm

Top 5 "biggest losers" have lost a total of 40.4 kgs


The top 2 "losers" have lost 14.3 and 10.8 kgs

20th August 2021

COVID hit - back into lockdown we go.

This is when consistency becomes key. While your routine may have changed it doesn't mean you can't still take part.

Tips and tricks

1) Try to maintain a routine, wake up and go to sleep at similar times each day

2) Factor in some form of exercise, this is not only good for your physical health but your mental health too.      Within the wellness hub you can find a link to free online workout videos that can be completed at home with no exercise equipment. Get your whanau involved.

Remember to follow the Ministry of Health guidelines when leaving your home.

3) Schedule meal times, avoid boredom eating

4) Your mental health is a priority, it's ok to not be ok. Please see our wellness portal for links to support services. All services are still available during level 4 they have just moved to online/phone based services.

August weigh in

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Update your weight and/or waist measurements via our online form. This form goes directly to Kim Kavanagh


Waist measurements should be inline with your bellybutton

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