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National Occupational Health Provider

Introducing a Comprehensive National Occupational Health Service in New Zealand

We are proud to announce the launch of our National Occupational Health Service, offering a wide-ranging suite of health solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of workplaces across New Zealand. Our service is designed to ensure the well-being of employees in various industries, from construction and forestry to telecommunications and corporate sectors.

Baseline Medicals is a New Zealand owned and operated company. No big corpoartes, just outstanding, experienced occupational health services by experienced Occupational Health Nurses.  

Partner with us to create a safer, healthier workplace for your employees. Together, we can contribute to a thriving, resilient workforce across New Zealand.

Our national service is available to account holders, contact our team to set up your account and benefit from having Baseline Medicals as your Occupational Health Provider.

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