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2024 Pricing

Onsite vaccinations - $32 per vaccination

*minimum for 5 vaccinations per visit, mileage may apply

Vaccination vouchers - $43 per voucher issued

*national coverage

Workplace influenza vaccinations

2024 Influenza vaccinations season starts from the 1st April

Book early to secure your workplace vaccination clinic early in the vaccination season.

Onsite vaccination clinics

Our team of experienced Nurse vaccinators can come to your worksite and carry out Influenza vaccinations for your team. Each employee will receive a consent form and after care advice.

For smaller teams (less than 8) we have a minimum site fee charge. Please call our team to discuss.

Voucher system

Baseline Medicals voucher system is great for those teams who are mobile, work on shifts or those that are unable to attend a scheduled nurse visit. 

Vouchers are sent to your named co-ordinator electronically for distribution within your team.

Vouchers can be redeemed at any of our nominated Medical Centres and Pharmacies nationwide. Each voucher holder contacts the closest provider that suits them best to make their appointment and takes our voucher with them as payment. There is no money exchanged and no need to reimburse staff.

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