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Ear Health 

Wax Removal            Micro Suction             Foreign Body Removal             Ear Infections

Why us

Baseline Medicals offers exceptional ear health services with a friendly, experienced team.


Our clinics in Mount Wellington and Rosedale are equipped to handle a wide range of ear health issues.

Trust our professional team to deliver top-notch care in a welcoming environment.

Ear Cleaning 

We specialise in ear cleaning, using gentle micro-suction technology that is safe and delicate for patients of all ages. Unlike syringing, which can harm the ear canal and eardrum, our method ensures no such risks.


If you tend to produce excess earwax, use hearing aids, are recovering from ear surgery, or frequently experience ear infections, we can safely and effectively clean your ears. Additionally, if you suffer from symptoms like ringing, dizziness, or itchy, burning ears, we can evaluate your condition to determine if ear cleaning is appropriate for you.

Ear Treatment

Our experienced Nurses are able to clean and treat ear infections and ear irritations. By cleaning the ear first, treatment options have more of a chance at working. 


Foreign Body Removal

Something stuck in the ear? Our gentle Nurses are able to safely remove items and check that the ear hasn't sustained any injury.

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Ear Health Services For Construction Workers

Wearing inner ear hearing protection can encourage itching ears and wax buildup, our team can assist with cleaning your ears to support your comfort and remove wax plugs that may be contributing to your hearing loss.

The Baseline Medicals team has a state of the art mobile clinic, if you have a workplace ear health initiative we can come to your worksite and carry our work place ear health checks including microsuctioning for your teams. 

Email our team to make a site booking for your team -

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